Group chat

Can implement group chat, will be more friendly.

Yes, please! I need this!

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, group chat is currently not on our roadmap to upcoming releases. However, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM client.


Paul, I understand that you say that group chat isn’t on your roadmap. It’s a pretty important feature for companies using Jabber/XMPP as a group chat platform for intraoffice communications and collaboration. I know it’s essential for us. Please consider it. :slight_smile:

Because this client uses other IM transports such as icq, aim, etc, you would be creating a situation for spamming. Now, if you could limit group chat to jabber would be nice.

I would be incredibly happy with the ability to join a Jabber group chat, i.e. conference. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input on this, we appreciate the feedback regarding this issue.
Hopefully we’ll include the feature in future upgrades of the application.

Best regards,