Great Replacement!

I had to find a different email program for my desktop computer.  We were using Windows Live Mail, but our service said that we would be having compatibility issues with that program, which we started to have.  I went to Mozilla Thunderbird, which I have on my Linux laptop, but that was a disaster.  Windows version Thunderbird kept hanging and crashing.  I tried Opera Mail, but didn’t like that either.  When I came across eM Client, I was hesitant because I had never heard of it.  Wow!  Excellent import features!  eM imported messages and contacts without a hitch!  Love it and so does my partner.  He’ll be using it the most and he said that he really likes the layout.  Easy-to-find options for the everyday tasks.  Love that you can disable the Calendar and Chat!!!

I can tell almost the same story except I was using Outlook – which has troubles communicating to both and IMAP and Exchange server.    Once I found emClient and saw how well it works, I paid them as fast as I could.   Great Product.

thank you very much for your praise, we appreciate it and are happy to hear that eM Client is the right fit for you. :slight_smile:


I am looking at emClient as a replacement for Thunderbird, which we have used for years and years, but has become so incredibly slow and difficult to deal with, for some unknown reason (despite troubleshooting and troubleshooting).

Questions before we make the switch –

  • we use Google calendar - but not Google Gmail - can we set up emClient to pull e-mail from our ISP domain server account, but then set up the calendar portion of emClient to pull our Gmail client

  • does emClient store its e-mails in individual files , or a massive file structure like the Outlook PSD file (obvious preference is for individual files)

  • Can emClient be set for the e-mail on the server to be deleted in XX number of days after being pulled off the server (similar to how Thunderbird handles the process)

  • What are the options to easily backup the emClient files - is there an easy process or tool to do this available

Thanks for info to help us make the switch – appreciate it


Hello Carolin,
you can set up Mail and Calendar accounts separately and then manually link them together in the General tab of the Tools>Accounts section.
eM Client stores all its data in its database, however you can export your messages into EML files.
If you have a POP account set up, there is a setting under the POP tab in Tools>Accounts section where you can choose to keep messages on the server indefinitely/for a given number of days.
eM Client has an automatic backup function that you can set up in Tools>Settings>General>Backup. This backup will include all your local data, settings and accounts setups, because it backs up the whole database.

If you are unsure about any part of this, you may just download eM Client from our website and try it - for the first 30 days you can run a DEMO version that has all the possibilities of a PRO license.