Great program - undo the stuff you can't get away from.


In setting up eM Client I’ve done some things I wish I hadn’t and trying to undo them I uninstalled and then reinstalled. I UNCHECKED the ‘install protected search’ box, yet it still changed my browser homepage and default search. That gets me pissed off.

Me too. I like the program,but today, I get a message that my trial has expired when I thought it was a free program.

Then I open my browser and get Protected Search with no explanation of what it is. Can’t find anything on Google, but finally realized it was the search that I opted out of on installation, and/or uninstalled the eM C toolbar that I had thought might be helpful,but takes up too much space.

Result- I’m uninstalling eM Client. It’s cool, but slower than my yahoo mail anyway. Back to Web Mail.

By the way, to fix protected search issue, go to options and reset your home page.

Damn Protected Search is the most annoying and brazenly ad-ware I meet. Although I uninstalled it, I reset firefox… but it still involve and annoying me by change my default search engine without my permission!
To EM client developer: Your program is good but Protected Search is something unpolite! Thks