Great program. But looking for a Keyboard Shortcut...

I am running version 7.1.32088.0.  I would like to have a shortcut way of moving an email to Junk AND Blacklisting the originating site. Right now, I have to click on small arrow to the right of Mark, Scroll down to move to Junk, and then scroll down to blacklist. thanks

The shortcut for Move to Junk is Ctrl+J.

Then in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Confirmations, you can change what the default Move to Junk does. So if you always want to Move to Junk and Blacklist Domain, select that.

Highlight the message title then right click on it. When choices pop up click on ‘Move to Junk Mail’ and you will then be given a choice to blacklist it at the same time.

That is the same as clicking the Mark down arrow etc. I think John-Patrick is looking for the shortcut, which is Ctrl+J but I could be wrong. :slight_smile:

Thanks Gary- You just eliminated a couple of steps that I was not aware of.

Correct. I know how to step through all of the menus, but that is so slow – I must be a SPAM magnet (!). The ctrl-J and then selecting “Don’t ask me Again to blacklist this domain” is the solution.  Thanks to you all.