Great mail client, especially... Nevertheless, ..S/MIME alias, UTC calender, Filter creation, Drag Drop, Symbols Colors

Great mail client, especially the CalDav and CardDav access is super. Nevertheless, I can’t bind certificates on aliases for the S/MIME encryption. As others have said before, this is a deal breaker! Filter/rule creation should be to open directly from the address line of the received message. Also the filter control window should open separately. Calendar UTC-problems with Horde-Servers, time shift while editing dates. Drag and Drop of text and URLS doesn’t work! Symbols or colors for folder would not be nice.

Win 8.1 pro 64 bit
Thanks for letting me try and test.

Hello Jens, S/MIME encryption is supported in eM Client, if you’re having issues using your certificates or creating a security profile in the application, please provide more info about the application’s behaviour or errors you might be experiencing in eM Client. You can create a rule directly from the senders/recipients addresses, just right click the e-mail address in the header of the receive/sent message and select “Create Rule from”.

I’m not completely sure what calendar problems you’re referring to, but we’re not currently aware of any issues with the UTC calendar synchronisation, if you’re experiencing some issues, please share more details about the issue or the applications behaviour. Text drag and drop at least from eM Client is currently a known issue to us, but unfortunately is generated by the use of Internet Explorer core which the application is using for some vital features of the application - we’re working on a new release currently that will allow us to resolve this problem.