Great App!

Fantastic and elegant interface. So it’s not so hard to design software that works correctly, efficiently, and transparently. Google and Microsoft, PAY ATTENTION!!!

Now, when will you guys add a dialer that will call out or either link to Skype or Hangouts, you’ll really have it made!

Hello Tom,
thank you very much for your kind words, we try our best to make the program great and keep working on improvements :slight_smile:

We used to support Skype, but unfortunately Microsoft has decided to quit Skype support for 3rd party apps, so this feature has been removed from eM Client. eM Client does not provide VoIP functionality, but the right sidebar supports the standard call-to action, which should detect your default VoIP app and dial the number from your contact details.

Hangouts are also quite an unsure option as latest news show that Google might discontinue its support for Hangouts API. We will keep supporting Gtalk through XMPP protocol as we do now (and as long as Google supports it).

Thank you for the praise and understanding.