Grayscale printing

Please add an option in the print dialog box to print an email in black only.  Also, please add an option under settings to set this option as the default.  It takes 8 clicks to print a document in gray for me.  Not great when I’m printing 20-30 emails a day.

What if you setup a second instance of your printer that has greyscale as default? Then all you need to do is select that printer for greyscale, and the original instance for color.

That’s what I do now. I set it as my default since 60% of my printing is email. It’s still an issue however as about 25% of what I print is in color. So I have to then switch that every time. Every time I forget, it’s a wasted print. Which happens more then I’d like to admit, because the Acrobat preview window will still show color even when defaulted to black. A simple setting in eMClient will solve all of this.

I would be surprised if printing had any kind of priority when it comes to development of the application. I certainly haven’t made a hard copy print in years.

But if you have a Pro License, I suggest opening a support ticket directly with eM Client.