Graphic emoji support

Would it be possible to support graphic emoji please? It’s getting used more and more and eM client only has monochromes that don’t stand out much.


I know that you’re asking for fancier emojis but I thought this could help meanwhile. Both Windows 10 and 11 have hundreds of smilies and emojis. Just press and hold the Windows Key then press the period key (or “;” in some other keyboards) and a pop-up will appear on the email you are typing. There’re quite different from eM Client emojis. You can move the pop-up box anywhere you chose while typing your message. Make sur to explore the choice of emojis by clicking on the category of smiles and emojis at the bottom of the box.

I don’t mean writing emojis, but supporting graphic emojis in the message subject, e.g. in received messages, currently they are only monochrome and will disappear. Graphic emoji are only supported in the body of the message, not in the subject.