Grammar integration

In the long line of feature requests, I also want to be part of the queue when it comes to Grammar check integration.

The spelling check functions in eM client are top-notch (so far as I can see right now). This makes me think that eM client does not want to go down the road like MS is doing in creating a bunch of third-party integrations that makes things slower and uglier, but they want to create their own seamless version using a white lable “engine” from one of the software linguistic companies. It’s not far from a stretch to think that this is what eM client is looking for. Considering that emailing is a lot about language, it has to be a top feature request.

I am willing to wait for something good that is in line with eM client corporate strategy, but what would be good is to confirm that grammar integration is a hot ticket and on emClient strategic agenda within the next 3 years.



Another user was able to integrate the paid “WhiteSmoke” Grammar checker. See thread post below.

Grammar checker in EMClient - eM Client


Jun '18

I found a solution but it’s not perfect. WhiteSmoke grammar checker will work, but it’s not automatic. You need to purchase their premium for desktop version. When creating an email in EMClient, you highlight your text and hit a function key. This brings up the Whitesmoke window which checks your grammar, highlights errors, and suggests corrections. Once you have made your corrections you can save changes and it will update your email.

The downside is that it’s not free, but I clicked on the Get It Now button on their website, and received an email from them with a coupon code for 35% off.

I had to do it. It was either that or go back to Outlook and use Grammarly. But EMClient is so much more efficient for me than Outlook.

Would be really great if we could create a custom button in EMClient that would pull up the WhiteSmoke window.


Thanks for the tip CZ.
Yeah custom button.
Everyone wants third-party integrations, but I am sure that will not fly with eM client. They will most likely do a white label.
Right now, I myself, am switching the text to word doing a Grammarly check and then cut and pasting things back. That is my workaround version.
So the “customer pain” is real and that will make the emClient even more valuable.

I checked several of these grammar checkers with MS Word and emClient. Grammarly was the best integrated and worked alongside both MS Word’s spell and grammar checkers and emClient’s spell checker in a fairly intuitive fashion (solutions popped up alongside the error - not over on the far right of the screen like some others do).

However, I was staggered at how many errors they all missed, there really is a lot of room for improvement with all these checkers.

At this stage, I will give the free Grammarly an extended trial in emClient - FYI Grammarly works much simpler than either Marks or Cyberzork suggest - there is no need to cut and paste or highlight text.

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Hey @donpin, did you manage to integrate Grammarly with emClient? If so, how?

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Hi Joeshachaf
I used the free Grammerly for Windows on a Windows 11 PC and nothing extra had to be done after installation to get it to work in eMClient.

You will also see in my chart that the different ways an error can be underlined allows you to know whether eMClient or Grammarly found the error or whether they both agree that there is an error.


Voting for Grammarly integration to eM Client!

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It already works.

If you have Grammarly installed on Windows 11, it will be offered through the OS.

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Awesome, I downloaded the Grammarly for Windows and it works. Thank you.

Hi Gary,
I have Mac OS 12.3.1 and have a Grammarly Business subscription. I have Grammarly Mac desktop installed and it works for other apps as it’s supposed to work. But, it does not work with eM Client.

I was on eM v8 where Grammarly didn’t work and I just updated to the latest v9 eM Client (v9.0.1632 (3c23582)). I was hoping that would fix this problem. Bummer that it didn’t. I am going nuts because what eM Client has built-in is not working well enough. I end up with emails full of typos. Yikes! I’ve been typing my emails in Grammarly and then copying them over to my eM Client. Ack!

Do you know why this isn’t working? Apparently, you all have it working on Windows… is there a known problem with this not working on Mac OS?


I have Grammarly Mac desktop installed and it works for other apps as it’s supposed to work. But it does not work with eM Client.

It took along time before Grammarly worked correctly on eM Client for Windows which newer Grammarly versions fixed over time, so could be Grammarly Devs would now need to talk to eM Client Devs to do an update from their end to also to work in eM Client for Mac OSX too.

I suspect it’s a Grammarly issue that needs updating. See if there is any Grammarly updates for Mac on their specific website.

Thank you for the input. Unfortunately I’m on macOS, and it doesn’t work :frowning:

Same. Tried to get it working there but no luck


When it comes to future product requests, what are the possibilities to adjust the software, so that emClient can work and accept Grammarly?


Thank you for the input. Unfortunately I’m on macOS, and it doesn’t work.

The latest eM Client for Mac 9.2.2054 on the release history page has Quote “Improved Grammarly compatibility”

If you do try the latest update close eM Client before updating. Also backup first in case of any issues. To backup click “File / Backup” (Mac).