Grammar checker in EMClient

Would be good to have a Grammar checker in EMClient down the track.

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I agree completely. I’m currently evaluating eM Client for a business and the lack of grammar checking is the first major shortcoming that I’ve come across. Are there any plans for this in v8?

Anybody find any solutions for this.  I desperately need a solution.  I don’t think my grammar is that poor, but I think sometimes my brain gets ahead of my fingers.

I found a solution but it’s not perfect.  WhiteSmoke grammar checker will work, but it’s not automatic.  You need to purchase their premium for desktop version.     When creating an email in EMClient, you highlight your text and hit a function key.  This brings up the Whitesmoke window which checks your grammar, highlights errors, and suggests corrections.   Once you have made your corrections you can save changes and it will update your email.

The downside is that it’s not free, but I clicked on the Get It Now button on their website, and received an email from them with a coupon code for 35% off.

I had to do it.  It was either that or go back to Outlook and use Grammarly.   But EMClient is so much more efficient for me than Outlook.

Would be really great if we could create a custom button in EMClient that would pull up the WhiteSmoke window.