Grammalecte, open source french spellchecker

this spelling checker is used in the Libreoffice and most French administrations and schools use it daily.
It far exceeds the capabilities of the current editor implemented in Emclient.
available here with all necessary info :

it would be great if you could include it for the french version of your very good software

Hello Joug,

Thank you for the Idea.
I will proceed the information further to our development team to see what we can do with it.


Thank you so much for your quick answer.
I hope my wish is possible !
Best Regards,

another idea comes to me …
This company makes a professional spell checker (for the office suite and the layout software), it is very powerful.
It works as a plugin on the target software, maybe you could find an arrangement for this company to create a plugin for Emclient?

It’s quite expensive software … but it’s clearly the best on this segment, and it’s multilingual.

Best regards

Hello again !

do you have any news about my suggestion ?

Here, you can find a pro spellchecker for french and english. It can be integrated in the software, but you need to contact them :
english version :

It will be great !

best regards