Can’t find my eM Client which I set up today 26/05/2020. Maybe I did’nt close it properly

Hello Graeme,

Please try checking the Task manager if there is no eM Client process running.
If not, please try searching for the eM Client app in windows and running it.
If you’d accidentally uninstall the program, you can reinstall it from


Hi Russel, thank you for your suggestion, shown above. I’m currently working on them.
Being new to eM Client, only 1 day in fact, it’s a huge learning curve for me as apart from being new, I’m 82 years of age, but still very determined to learn as much as I can.
Do you know if there are any manuals or user guides available that I could download to help me learn more about eM.
Graeme Mills.

Hello Grame,

I’d recommend our blog together with the video-tutorials: