GPG Intergration / YubiKey SmartCard

I have a YubiKey NEO OpenGPG SmartCard which i want to use with eMClient, but it seems that eMClient only supports the use case of having the Keypair as a file? I dont have my secret key as a file but just on the smartcard and cannot even export it from there, so it seems i cannot use emClients gpg support?

Hi Evgeny.

I suppose you can take the lack of response as a NO answer. As far as I know eM Client only supports S/MIME and PGP.

Same question here; i don’t get pgp-smartcards running with emClient. 

I have a OpenPGP Card (

Not able to use a smartcard prevents me to switch to emClient.

It is being used as my “identity card” for Windows Login, Email Signing, Document signing, Git & Mercurial Signing. It would be great, if emClient supports this use case of my company (professional use case).

Now, I (we)continue using Outlook.

@Evgeny Magata
That’s feature by design: 
You can move private keys into the smart card, but it won’t expose its private keys anymore (Feature by Desgin).

Still no update on this? Would love to use emClient instead of Outlook, but I’m not able to use keys from a smartcard.

This is also me, I don’t understand why it doesn’t just integrate with GPG4Win. I like the UI and everything but this is a blocker for me. Gonna have to switch to something else D:

I just wanted to mention that I’m also highly interested in support for GPG smartcards.

Are there any news on this? I’m in the same boat here. I believe giving the ability to call an external GPG instalnce like Thunderbird does, shouldn’t be that big of a deal?

I too am shocked this feature still has not been addressed, especially because so many other libraries and API’s exist for supporting.

What needs to be done to make this happen?