Goto email folder

For each email appearing in Favorites (Unread, Flagged…) and in searches, a command to go to the email folder.

It’s rather frustrating to see all the sophisticated new functions promised in the new version of EMC but still nothing about this simple-to-implement but oh-so-useful “goto folder” function when you have a large number of folders.

There is a quick filter in v.10 for folder list. It is super quick. How the feature you suggest should work? Have you tried the filter feature in v.10? Just click on magnifying glass icon in the header of the folder list.

It’s not a filter that I’d like, but, in the context menu of an email, the possibility of going directly to the folder where the email is located.

Now I understand that, you want to navigate to a physical folder of the current message when you are in some Global/Unified/Favorite/Search folder. I’ll add that to our midterm todo list. I can imagine to add that option to a context menu in such folders.