Got connection failed with a MS outlook mail

I don’t understand what could be blocking the connection, since I’ve it configured like this and I still get the red triangle. In this sense, I’ve the program in both AV and firewall exceptions.


In this sense, I’ve the program in both AV and firewall exceptions.

What AV and Firewall are you running ?

Different ports and settings seem to have different errors for me, but none go through. Tried Thunderbird, that one works well. I suppose I am going to have to use that for now until the eM Client issue gets fixed, unless I get used to the new mail program and never switch back. That would be a pity, as I do really like eM Client in its simplicity and looks.

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I agree. And if eM Client don’t have someone with the understanding and grasp to sort this one soon, it risks damaging an otherwise good reputation.

Avg and the windows firewall itself

Sadly didn’t work for me. Still struggling to get it sorted out.

MS mail works with: iPhone, iPad, Outlook, Mailbird, Thunderbird, and of course Web Mail. Doesn’t work with eM Client. Gary is right; must be a Microsoft Problem. (chuckle)

Had same problem last year. An eM Client fix release was introduced. Broken again.
Suggestion: Get eM Client techs involved.

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Same problem for me with account.

Started on July 16.

I tried all fixes mentioned above. No Joy :frowning:


Avg and the windows firewall itself.

Close eM Client and then “completely disable AVG” and try again as AVG & Avast have been known to cause problems with eM Client for alot of users.

Note:- If it then works without AVG enabled, you then need to either “disable the mail shield in AVG” or “add in the exported AVG certificate” or possibly both to allow eM Client to still work.

Also if you are running any VPNs, some have also been known to cause issues with eM Client. So disable any of those to test if u do run a VPN as @Gary advised further up the thread.

The Windows firewall doesn’t normally interfere or need to be modified to allow eM Client to work. It’s usually “only optionally installed firewalls” that sometimes have been known to cause issues with eM Client as @Gary also advised further up the thread.

What I would suggest with the Windows firewall is to try just “resetting that to defaults” just incase it’s default settings have been changed.

Thanks, although I already tried this without success, I also don’t have the mail shield installed and I don’t have any vpn enabled either. I don’t know what else to do. It has to be something from the client itself.


I don’t know what else to do. It has to be something from the client itself.

If you have already tried removing and re-adding your account, and already tried uninstalling and reinstalling eM Client, and have those same MS IMAP settings as @Gary advised further up the thread, then there is either some Microsoft server connection problems atm wherever you connect to, or you have some other unknown program locally installed causing interference.

I personally cannot fault the latest versions of eM Client on Windows 10 / 11 or Mac Ventura with my own MS and IMAP accounts using those settings Gary advised.


Its not possible to conecto to outlook email with EM Client. Since 16 or 17 of this months.
Please Admins, dont be mad and dont say this is from microsoft side!

There a lot of people with the same problems. And is not the first time, last year was a similar issue.

As pay user, please let the devs involved and fix this.

Absolutely agree with your sentiments. I’ve tried all of the above and with no luck. Please get the developers to sort this out.


This is working for me since 20 minutes ago…Taking a eye on it in case it should fail again.

All of the sudden, my Hotmail account stopped connecting to the outlook server.
no matter what I have done, it just stop working.
unfortunately, I had to switch to Thunderbird but I really like to revert to eM.
will be very glad to get some help .

thanks in anticipation

In the end I’ve tested with another client and it works perfectly as others have stated. I put the automatic settings and using the same port 993 it connects to the outlook server without issues and downloads the mails in a few seconds; clearly it has to be a problem with the em client.

I agree with emClient, its not good to use MS as Email Provider. I only got troubles with that. There are enough companies today that do a good Email job. MS does not belong to them. I use emClient and Thunderbird.

Is there any way to escalate this issue as it appears the technical support team has lost interest in tackling this problem?

I have been a long-time user of eM Client (free licensed account) for my MSN (now Outlook) account. I agree with all who fault MS for poor performance but reserve my editorial comment for other venues. I made changes recommended by:

These worked for a while then quit with red-triangle. I limped along w/eM Client by ‘saving’ e-mails and ‘importing’ them via eM Client menu option. Today, finally tried changing account options for IMAP to:

Port = 993
Security Policy = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Connection is now working, Synchronization is functioning correctly. Try this to see if it works for you.

yes, worked for me thanks