google wanted password, friend said type email client, i did, then lost my em client calendar, but have, I need that calendar back

google wanted an password or something, my friend said type in email client, i did, and then i lost my em client calendar, but have emails…help, I need that calendar back…has dates times, numbers and relevant info i cannot get anywhere else

Hi Christopher, are you using the correct password now? Are you seeing any errors from the application?
Can you go to Tools > Accounts, and make a screenshot of your google account settings from this window?

Can you login into your webmail or online calendar? If so, do you see your calendar items there?

Thank you,

I can access em client emails, tasks, contacts, etc, but not the calendar, I can access my google calendar without a password…my em client calendar page says…

This folder contains no items and no operations can be performed

It appears that em client can no longer access the google account due to my inadvertent mistake…

There was a continual reminder on my desktop saying that there was an inability to update, I thought it was a problem because my phone was not linking the accounts either…

Hi again Christopher, can you make a screenshot of the issue (the This folder contains no items…)?
Make sure your calendar folder tree is included in the screenshot…

Thank you,