Google voice

Can I use the eM Client with Google Voice

Only Google Talk at the moment, not voice.

google voice and skype would be good, especially google voice since it is free

EM Client already has support for Skype. You just need the Skype client to be installed. As for Google Voice - it a very limited service of US and Canada only.

I guess if you call US and Canada limited. That is 99.9% of where I call and it is integrated with other google services that you already support. Anyway I do appreciate the reply

Wish I could use Google Voice! Wish you supported it.


it has support - as long as you have it installed, opened, and are using it. honestly importing contacts isn’t much of support. i want to be able to turn off Skype completely maybe not even install it in the first place and still chat.

I have to agree with you, having Google voice and Skype integration would make it so i use this more and all my other clients i have less. if you do integrate them include video support from Google, Skype, and Facebook this will be a guaranteed improvement on what already is a decent service.

I’d personally prefer not to have Google Voice supported at this point. I think eM Client is in need of quality improvement for the existing features.

i agree, eM does need to fix some of their current issues.

Vote one for Voice. I’d rather that than the Chat feature.


Unfortunately we do not plan to implement Google Voice into eM Client.

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