Google - Threaded emails needed.

Sorry if I am incorrect, I have tried to search for a setting. I cant seem to find a option to enable threaded emails. For work I have automated mails via a support desk sent to google regarding certain parameters. It is really annoying to have 15 emails in eM Client when they should be 1 thread.

This feature has not been implemented yet but you can expect it in the next major release of eM Client (6)

Thanks for the reply I did some digging and I noticed that this was the same reply years ago and also found another one this last year basically saying the same thing.

I discovered this client and really like it but you guys wont have my money until that feature is there. If I was to develop a email client, threaded emails would be on the priority list before release 1.

The missing threads are the only reason why I am still on Thunderbird. Hope it’s coming soon.


We are still planning conversation view, but I can’t give exact date when it will be again implemented.


at least you could make grouping configurable based on the columns, no?

Hi, what exactly do you have in mind? It’s already possible to sort out emails by column configuration, are you having some issues with this feature?

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Not being able to thread is a huge issue for me. I will come back to emclient after that feature is available.

Hi, I’m really sorry to hear this, we’re working on this feature for future releases, we’ll be happy to see you back.

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Same here. Need this feature otherwise this is a no go for EM Client. The absence of this feature can make any email client fall from 5 star to one, the case here.

Yet, the last response to this issue was just under a year ago. New release. Still no threads. Wow.

I have just uninstalled the software. Giving a try on Mailbird

I’m with you! I’ve had this less than a month, and I’m about to uninstall it as well. Way too many issues like sending mail from 2 different accounts at the same time. And, not being able to view mail as threads or conversations really is a deal breaker- especially after users have been begging for it forever. Thanks for mentioning Mailbird. I’m looking it over and may give it a go.

Is this feature ever really going to appear? I am evaluating Em Client now, and this looks like the one major stumbling block so far. I like how easily it integrates my calendars and contacts, even from iCloud, but without some form of a threaded mail view, it is basicaly useless to me. 

Hi André,
this feature is implemented in version 7, you can read about the function on our blog for now -…
Version 7 has been sent to Alpha testers few weeks back and we are currently fixing up the bugs that were discovered in this phase.