Google tasks incorrect due dates

Google tasks are showing wrong Due date in eM Client 4.
All my google tasks shown in em client have a due date of +1 day, compared to the actual due date in the google system.

This problem is still happening.
I have narrowed it down to Google tasks only.

Steps to test calendar event: (working)

  1. Log into Google calendar in web browser
  2. Create calendar entry for 10am NZDT Thursday 21 June 2012
  3. Refresh calendar in eM Client
  4. 10am calendar entry is shown correctly in eM Client for Thursday 21 June 2012

Steps to test task (Not working):

  1. Log into Google calendar in web browser
  2. Create task with due date of Thursday 21 June 2012
  3. Refresh calendar in eM Client
  4. The task is shown in eM Client “Agenda” bar with date “Tomorrow” (Friday 22 June 2012)
    In the eM Client Calendar view, task is shown under Friday 22 June 2012
  5. When opening the task in eM Client, Due date is set to 22/06/2012 12:00am (incorrect), should be 21/05/2012

Creating a task in eM Client (not working)

  1. Create a new task in eM Client, set due date = 21 June 2012 10:00am
  2. Open Google calendar in web browser
  3. Test task is shown incorrectly in google calendar with Due date = 20 June 2012

So it appears that tasks in eM Client are out of sync by 24 hours.
All tasks created in google calendar are shown +1 days in eM Client
All tasks created in eM Client are shown as -1 day in google calendar

it should be resolved now. Do you still experience this issue? If so, what version of eM Client are you using?

Yes I still experience this issue, I repeated the steps above and the tasks shown in eM Client are 1 day (24 hours) behind when they should be.
e.g. task created in em Client for Thursday is shown on Wednesday in google calendar web interface.
And task created in google calendar for Thursday is shown on Friday in em Client.

Version is 4.0.15145.0

I was thinking of purchasing the eM Client software, but this task problem is a real deal breaker.

Is your back-end code not checking timezones on google tasks?

I just tried eM Client for the first time and I too have experienced this issue.

what OS do you have and what timezone are you in? Could you please send me one of problematic the events saved as .ics? Thank you.

I am running Windows 7 Professional, and timezone is Auckland,Wellington NEW ZEALAND (UTC +12:00)

I am unble to save a google task as .ics?
Have sent you an email.

We have reproduced the problem and it will be fixed in next update.

I have installed the 5.0 beta release candidate 2 and this is still an issue. My tasks have a due date in eM Client one day before they do in Google. I enter the task in google an when it syncs it is one day too soon on the due date.

Please check what timezone you have set in Gmail and in your computer.

Newest release and this problem still exists, very annoying. Any word on when or if this planned on being fixed?

Can you please send me one of the problematic tasks/events saved as .ics? Thank you.