Google Tags and EM Client Categories for contacts

I use Google contacts and em client.
If I create a contact into google, it will appear into EM with the good tag as a category

But if I create a new contact into EM Client, I can just choose a local category (from em client) but not one into my Google tags (wich are althougt synchronised in the “contact column” on the left of the screen.

Would you have a solution to synchronise categories and tags also when creating a new contact ?

Thank you in advance and congratulations for your very efficient tool :wink:

The Google Contacts groups are not actually synced with eM Client in a way that you can use them to assign to other contacts in eM Client. They show in eM Client when assigned through the Google Contacts interface, but as you have discovered that cannot be assigned in eM Client.

The simple solution is to create the same category in eM Client through Menu > Tools > Categories. As long as the category has the exact same name as the group in Google, it will appear in both as the same one, and you can assign it in either.