Google syncing

What is going on with google syncing.  It is so slow.  

Is this something new, or has it always been slow in eM Client? Do you have another email client installed to compare the syncing speed?

Has been moderately slow for quite some time but recently, last couple of months has slowed down to snails pace.  Other email clients, i.e.  Outlook, Windows 10 pre -installed do not have this significant sync problem.

I don’t use GMail with eM Client, so it is difficult for me to compare the speeds. But if you notice a significant difference between eM Client and Outlook, then there must be some issue.

The goto solution for many things Google is to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. What that does is completely remove and then re-sync the local message cache for your IMAP account. Afterwards, in the IMAP settings for that account, you can also enable offline use, which will download all message content rather than just the header. That may appear to slow down the syncing of new messages, but once the content is downloaded, there is no delay when opening the message. The opposite method, not to download for offline use, means that the syncing will be quick, but when you click on a message, you may have some delay while the content is downloaded.