google sync of task lists fails

I am trying to sync my google task lists and keep getting the following error when I hit the refresh button while on the tasks in EMClient.  only a couple tasks seem to sync.  I am using V7

Error " Synchrinzing folder ‘ list/’ failed due to the following error: Constructor on type ‘MailClient.Storage.Application.Task.TaskItem’ not found.

my configuration is the following:
email from IMAP account from work
calendar,contacts, tasks from google.

eMC 7, I guess? Same here. I’ve reported that bug about a week ago (Issue #31270) and they’re working on it.

Hi Pat,

What Jörg said is true, we’re aware of this issue and we’re on it. Thank you for the feedback.


My problem is the same, but there is no solution so far…

I found the following solution:

click in the Tasks view with the right mouse button on the task list, 
there on the tab 'Properties' and ' Repair ' to repair ': 
Then the lists are again re-read and re- work .