Google Meet is not working with emClient


I got an invitation to G-Meet and it was successful added to calendar, but as event started I noticed that there is no link to meeting in eM Client.
Today I have tested and after creating new meeting in G-Suite I saw it in eM Client  but there was no meeting link available.

Also I see that there is no support to create new meeting with G-Meet from eM Client - Will it be available?

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HI Jakub. I have noticed that G-Suite queries normally don’t get any replies on this forum. If you have a Pro License, it would be better for you to open a support ticket that way. Usually the developers are more in tune with eM Client’s use in business than what you would find on this forum.

Thanks for info.
I wanted to check this before I buy PRO :wink:

I think that testing before buying is a common and sound MO. In this case, however, what can you do? We don’t really know if Pro Support can solve your problem, or if it is a planned enhancement yet to come, and it may be months on this forum before someone has any suggestion for G-Suite. :frowning:

Hello Jakub,

I tested the Gsuite hangouts and Gmeet in eM Client thoroughly and I came with this:

After you create an event with video-call in Hangouts, the event is correctly displayed in eM Client calender BUT only the attendee/s of the event (not the organiser) see the Gmeet link in the description.

If you create the event directly in eM Client, there is no menu/button to choose to include the video-call BUT after the invite is received by the recipient in eM Client he can see the video-call link in the description.

Please let me know if this behaviour is the same at your end.


And thus Russel proves me incorrect by giving a reply within hours. :slight_smile:

Hi Russel,

Yes this is one of ‘strange’ behavior. As an originator of event I rather should see link :wink:

Second is more strange:
I received invitation as follow:

After accepting in calendar it is like this:

Without any indications of meeting…
But when I FW original invitation to friend with PRO version he was able to see meeting link …

I assume some limitations on free version and will order PRO :wink:

But nevertheless very important is to see meeting link when you are organizer, so I would assume some correction would be needed.
Also is it foreseen to add functionality of creating meeting with G-Meet links from eM Client?



Hello Jakub,

After some research of where the strange behaviour comes from, I found out that all the descriptions with GMeet link come from the Google server and eM Client only reflects what the servers send us. The “decision” that it is only sent to attendees of an event and not to the organiser comes from Google server so there is nothing we can do about it.

To the question of creating an event directly in eM Client, as we don’t offer the feature to choose whether the event is with/without G-Meet, the default value "With meeting"is used, as you can see in Google Calendar. This could be fixed with adding the choice feature so I can add it as a feature request.


Hi Russel,

Thanks for feedback.
I bought PRO version and will try to find some W/A for this behavior also on G-Suite side :wink:

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