Google Mail (Gmail) move email to folder issue (unable to upload message)

I was getting the following from a Google Mail (Gmail) account, when I tried to move a email to a sub-folder:
MailExceptions.OperationException: Unable to upload message “test 123” to folder “Inbox/Travel/Italy”. ([TRYCREATE] No folder Inbox/Travel/Italy (Failure))
12:13:56 GoogleMail [IMAP]

I fixed this by:

  1. Renaming the Account name under Accounts to a name (something like GoogleMail) rather that
  2. I found that in Google (using the web email via browser), the folder I wanted to move the email was named as “INBOX\Travel\Italy”, so renames the folder in Google web email to “Inbox\Travel\Italy”, note from capitals to lowercase, sames as what eM Client displays. (Seems like eM Client is case sensitive. Suggestion to eM Client team to fix this.)

After this I was able to move my email to the folder I wanted too.

Just thought that I would share, to help others.

I have the same issue as detailed above when attempting to move a message from the inbox to a subfolder of a IMAP gmail account in eM Client.

The solution detailed above did not solve the problem. Can an eM Client technician please comment?


what version of eM Client are you using?

I am using version 4.0.15145.0

On reading other forum posts (…), I found that Mike DuRussel’s solution of manually renaming the folders in Gmail did work.

As I stated in my post there, I do NOT think that manual renaming is an acceptable solution. Surely, the software should be robust enough to deal with any folder naming syntax.