Google Labels - confused

Hi there,

I have a Google label which is listed on the left-hand side of my contacts. Let’s say it is called Hatters and there are five people with that label. Can I send an email to those 5 people with the Hatters label or do I have to create a distribution list for them separately? If I can send an email to a label, how do I do it?

You can select the 5 contacts, and by right-click choose Send Message.

So simple, thanks. So I don’t need to make a distribution list for each label?

Well, you can create a distribution list, as it may be easier depending on how you use it.

If you just occasionally want to begin a new message to these 5, then my solution above works.

If you want to forward a message to them, it doesn’t.

However they will be available separately in their folder if you click on the To link in a new, forwarded or replied message, and then select just their folder in the popup where you can drag them all to the TO, CC or BCC field.

But a distribution list means that under normal use when addressing a message, begin typing the list name in the To filed, and it will be there.