Google Keep Notes Integration

Synking Task with Google Keep Notes needed to be implemented.

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eM Client 8, coming this Spring, has a new Notes section. From what I read it is compatible with Exchange, IceWarp, iCloud and Evernote.

Not sure that it syncs with Google Keep. I guess we will need to wait and see.

Yes i too would like Google Keep (Notes) support in V8. Been wanting that for sometime.

However I have been advised by V8 testing email reply, that Google Keep (Notes) is not currently supported in V8 due too i think was because there was no api available. Hopefully in the future.

Ps I do see though that personal email accounts cloud (Notes) “is supported in V8” as the account config in EM Client is automatically configured as an Exchange Web account.

Evernote support was dropped from version 8.

I would like it integrate with google keep.
I ditched Evernote for GoogleKeep over 12 months ago. I haven’t looked back. I just need a simple note taking/reminder app without bloat.

And it works great with taking notes by hand. I have a XPPen ( ) drawing tablet and it works fantastic.

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