Google keep integration in note

Hi, I have bought eM Client because for me is a wonderful client! The best that I have tried.
I look forward to see the iOS/Android app…

BUT there is a missing feature that I see is requested since 2013 from many users… and I am one of them now that I’ve started using eM Client every day. Is the Google Keep integration in Notes like Google Task is synced in Activities.

Without the possibility to have synced in cloud the notes, for me Notes feature is a beautiful useless ornament of the desktop app.

I hope that this feature comes soon.
Have a good day.


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There is a Google Keep API available but it is limited to enterprise apps or admin console only. It is not accessible to general public, so at this time it is not possible to sync Google Keep with eM Client.

You can use eM Client Notes to sync between different installations of eM Client though, with some providers (Exchange, some CalDAV). However, you won’t be able to access the Notes outside of eM Client.

@Gary are there future plans to implement the Google Keep API to the general public?

I guess that is something you will need to ask Google.

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