Google Drive Images cannot be viewed in mails, showing broken image icon with "cid:image***.png/jpeg" properties

Title speaks for itself, anyone knows a solution for this problem?
Here is the screenshot.

Hello Deniz,

How did you insert the image into the new mail window?

I just tried opening an Image on Drive and inserting it into eM Client with right click > Insert > Image > Drive link and the result was same as you posted. But if I opened the image on Drive, chose “Open in a new tab” and repeated the Insert, then it works. The reason is in the difference of the Drive link. The first one refers to the location of the file while the second one refers directly to the file.

I hope this helps you.

Actually the problem wasn’t on my side. Instead of inserting, my problem is about viewing images in received e-mails.

Russel, sometimes eM Client has a problem with linked images if the url is in an unusual format. Like in a recent post…

Other email clients are able to resolve the url, but not eM Client. Could this not be the same here?