Google deprecation of contacts-api, migration to People API

[Google Contacts]Uploading item(s) to folder’ failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed:*** (Contacts API is being deprecated. Migrate to People API to retain programmatic access to Google Contacts.

I am receiving the above error any time eM Client is doing a full synchronization, or if I am touching my contacts through eM client in any way. Please advise if the development team is actively working on migrating to Google’s “people-api”

As of 6/2021 you must be on vers 8.2.x of eMC for your issue to be resolved.

Use this LINK for current version.

Okay, I made the mistake of not checking for updates first.
Now that I’m on the current version of eM Client, I now get error:

[Google Contacts]Uploading item(s) to folder ‘…’ failed due to the following error: Parameter validation failed for “resourceName” : The value did not match the regular expression ^people/[^/]+$

You might want to remove the Gmail account from eMC and re-add it.