Google Contacts: Unsynchronized fields are lost!

Google Contacts: When I synchronize with emClient i loose data of unsyncronized fields (they are being deleted!). How avoid this?

All unsynchronized fields are preserved on the server until you change the contact in eM Client - then it is uploaded back on the server and the missing fields are overridden.

Then this is bad, Actually I am syncing same contacts with syncml and missing fields are not deleted but just ignored. There’s no way to avoid this?

What specific fields you are referring to? We could try to fix it for them but I cannot provide any other solution at the moment.

Some fields are: Spouse, Anniversary, Children…

Spouse will be synchronizing in the next update and we will try to fix Anniversary too. Field Children cannot be fixed at the moment …

This is very good :slight_smile: A suggestion, to avoid data loss, emclient could put all unsynced fields in a hidden tank and send back to the server when updating a contact… It won’t be a good idea?

I am not sure, I have discussed it with our developers and they told me that it is impossible but I will ask them again.

Well, I don’t know how CardDav works, but we have two possibilities:

  1. If the software can fetch all the available fields he can send back to the server as he received (with the modifications we made in the other fields)

  2. He send back to the server only modified fields:

Name: Chuck
Surname: Norris
Anniversary: 13-08-1953

Change in:
Anniversary: 14-08-1953

He would say to the server: Update this field only: Anniversary.

How I dunno what CardDav protocol allows to do, but if it supports the update of single fields would be a smarter choice and saves bandwidth too :slight_smile:
In this way no matter what fields we fetched in the emClient, he will update only modified fields and won’t loose any data.

If emClient will do this, would be the the final solution for google contacts managment for me as today I didn’t find any other complete solution like this software. Really liked it.

There are news?

Unfortunately not - our developers have it in their todo list but I cannot tell you when/if it will be implemented.

I have just found the same thing.
After spending a lot of time getting my contacts information up to date and synchronised between Google and my 2 Android devices, I was puzzled to find various pieces of information disappearing.
I finally traced one specific problem:-
If I take a contact that has an anniversary date and edit it in eMClient, the date is lost and deleted from Google Contacts (and hence my mobile devices).
Fortunately I still had the original information in my Outlook database.

It is unacceptable that eMClient can delete information by not synchronising all used fields. It means that none of the data can be relied upon and local backups will always be needed.
Please say that this will be fixed quickly.

I’ll buy the pro version only when this issue will be fixed.

As I am not able to use an important part of the program (I’m forced to update contacts from Google website) I won’t pay a software that can’t use properly.

It should be interest of the eM Client Inc. company sell the product to many users and make them satisfied. As I am not seeing this problem solved soon, I’ll wait until will done :slight_smile:

I met eMClient because Google is shutting down the Google Sync feature and emClient is the only one program that handles Google Contacts in a smart way via CardDav. So, this feature is very important for me.

Update: I have discussed it with our developers and they told me that there is a possibility to do not sync certain fields but that it is broken on the Google’s side. Anyway, they will try to find other solution.

I have no knowledge of the underlying protocols for synchronisation but I have NOT had a problem syncing Google with my Android phone and tablet.

Assuming that you use the same protocol, I don’t see how the problem could be on Google’s side. Also, there are at least 2 other commercial products that claim to sync Google with Outlook so again, it should be possible to fix.

I am very pleased with eMClient in all other respects and it would be a shame not to fix this problem.

If it really cannot be fixed, then it needs an option to configure sync for one direction only. In this way eMClient could sync with changes at the Google end but accidental changes in eMClient would not cause loss of data, although this is not a nice solution.

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Great Job! Google Contacts synchronization is working better now!

Still are not syncing these fields:

  • GPS
  • Department
  • Office
  • Profession
  • Manager’s Phone
  • Assistant’s Phone
  • Bank Account
  • Salutation
  • Children
  • Anniversary
  • Hobbies
  • Gender
  • Languages

Still there is a case of data loss:
If I fill Relation: Son, Mum, Dad, etc… on the server side and then I made a modification to any field of the same contact via emClient, the content of these fields are lost on the server side.

For these fields I suggest to create a custom fixed label (GPS, Dep…) and fill the data there.

For Gender field i would be easy to just synchronize Gender: M or F and for the Language section, just a sequence of language codes like: “EN, FR, GB, RU, etc…”

Thank You emClient team!

please look at a mac app called CoBook for the ideal way how Google Contact Sync should work and how contacts should be displayed.

I see this problem is not resolved.  Why wont they fix this ? at least don’t overwrite fields that are not synced so you could use them.  Very disapointed

Hi Frank,
the issue as mentioned in this old thread is actually not happening anymore. eM Client can’t cause data loss on the server, unless you delete the data yourself.
If the problem you are experiencing is with server overwriting your local data in eM Client, that is unfortunately something we can’t change, as with IMAP accounts the server information always has higher priority.