Google contacts sync

Hello. I am currently using the 30 day trial of the pro version and it it outstanding. I will definitely be buying the licence if this one question can be answered:

Every time I try and add a contact in EM Client (add to my google contacts) it adds it to the ‘other contacts’ on the server and not ‘my contacts’. This means that this contact does not show up on my phone or tablet as I have them synced to show up the ‘my contacts’ only - is there a way to change this?

many thanks

When creating a contact, there is a dropdown list indicating the contacts future location. Open it, choose the folder My contacts and let me know if it works. That is the only possible solution at the moment.

Sorted! I have to say, em Client 5.0 is a fantastic programme and I will certainly be purchasing the pro licence. Outshines Thunderbird and is an IMAP and Google account friendlier version of outlook. Keep up the good work!! :slight_smile: