Google contacts error

synching with Google contact goes wrong because of fa ult in script

I think the reason is there in the error message. Apparently there is one Skype address for a contact that contains a colon.

But how do I find which contact that is? I’ve got the same problem, and get the error message each time I open the app. I’ve tried searching for a colon, tried *:, but to no avail.

Yes, something is wrong in the eM script for contacts to Gmail.
Now I have a new error message: uploading to Gmail contact map went wrong because the version ID is null.
Nothing the user can do about that I think…

You need to search for the contact in your Google Contacts through the web interface.

The full error found in Menu > Tools > Operations should also give more information.

Maybe remove the account from eM Client then add it again.

For now, I just disabled syncing of contacts. Thanks for the suggestions.

One of the strong points of eM is/was (in my opinion) the synching of contacts to Google, as this is a weak point in Outlook.
I also do not understand why no action is taken on this vital functionality…

I’m not sure why you are having problems, eM Client normally syncs to Gmail contacts flawlessly.  You might try deleting the account and reentering it.

OK, will try that.

I agree with Jay; Google Contacts have always synced flawlessly in my experience.  Your best option is still to find the malformed Skype address and correct it

Also, if you are not using the latest version of eM Client, a new version was released this week and is available to download at

@Jay: have deleted my account, restarted eM en made the account again. Works OK now! (I was afraid I would loose all settings, but the process went very smoothly and quick.)

That’s what I suggested you do 2 days ago. Would have solved a lot of time if you had!!

yeah, yeah, yeah…

Well, I’m clicking on the garbage can icon to delete, and nothing is happening.

You may need to click a few times. :wink:

Sheesh, I’m beginning to wonder if this program is worth all the issues. Seems a bit… not quite finished.