Google Contact Groups in emClient 7

I am using emClient as my local client with my Google Account. For the most part, I like it very much, but one “feature” if you will is a bit cumbersome to work with. Specifically, in Google I create various “Groups” for my contacts to simplify bulk emailing etc. So for example, I create a group that is all my son’s track team members.  With this group, either in the google web mail client or in apps such as Thunderbird (with google contact sync) to compose an email to the group, all I need to do is type the group name int he “To” box and it will auto-fill with the list of addresses, very handy.

Unfortunately, this does not work in emClient. What appears to happen in your client is you treat groups as “Categories” but you cannot directly access the category in the “To” field when composing an email. So what you have to is “click” the “To” button, in the dialog that appears, switch to your category and then select all and add them manually to the “to” field, very cumbersome needless to say. 

Yes, I am aware I can create distribution lists, but then I find that they sync some weird entries to my contacts that are unusable and unwanted.

Is there anyway to be able to access categories similarly to distribution lists or am I stuck with the above work around as I have no desire to go in and now create distribution lists for each and every one of my already existing groups.



Hello Andrew,

I’m sorry, there aren’t any other ways of sending e-mails to specific Groups, which are treated as Categories in eM Client. If you’re worried about making Distribution List because the server adds information to your Contacts, you can save the Distribution List into your Local folders.


OK that works I can save the list locally to avoid synchronization. Thanks!!