Google Chat on EM Client

Does Google chat work on emclient ? We use Google chat as part of Gsuite in my work environment. I hate everything Gsuite, so moved to emclient years ago. But because of WFH situations, chat is being used more and more. And I hate having gmail on the web open and prefer just to use emclient. But no matter how much I try to get the chat to go online and work within emclient, it does not within emclient. Is there a simple setting I am missing under Menu > Accounts > XMPP ?

It is set by default by emclient to on port 5223. The domain is the domain of my organisation which goes through google.

Searching online and emclient help does not seem to surface any solution.

Please help. Thanks

On June 16th, 2022 Google ended their support for Google Talk service, effectively shutting down connection to it via XMPP protocol. This means that the chat feature for your Google accounts will stop working in eM Client, as we used the XMPP protocol to connect to Google’s chat services.

You can read about this change here in Google’s support page: Google Talk for third-party apps.

Unfortunately this means we will have to remove the Google chat option from eM Client for now. Our team will look into alternate protocol and API options for Google Chat and see if we could perhaps return it in the future.