Google Chat no longer working?

I’ve been happily using em Client on both Mac and Windows for the past two years, and it has replaced the use of separate 3rd party chat applications, for chatting with co-workers via our corporate Google based mail (GSuite). In the past day or so, none of the Google users show online anymore in the chat pane on the right side of em Client, and I have been forced to open a browser window to Gmail, in order to conduct work related chats.

Has Google killed the interface that em Client uses? It shows ME as online, with no errors, logged into 5 different Google accounts. However, the only users I see available for chat are ones with email addresses, not ones with custom domains.


I can also replicate this issue for Google Workspace Business Domain customers.

I think the problem is that alot of Google Business Workspace customer domain accounts from what i have seen don’t have the “new chat” updated in their Gmail accounts online as yet which then doesn’t show their online at all in eM Client.

Ive been onto Google about this and they say it could be another month till all Gsuite / Workspace Domain accounts have been automatically converted over from the old hangouts chat system to the new Chat system which then they say will show again in eM Client chat, when the Gmail Workspace Domain users select Online as their chat status.

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We found out after I posted this that the guy who administers our Google account turned off the legacy Hangouts option for all users, due to the fact that Google sent him an email saying it was going away this month. So he kicked all of us out of chat, forcing us to use the Chrome based chat client for the moment. I’ll be glad to see it come back in em Client soon.