google calendars other linked calendars

Trying to get EMclient going and I have it connected to gmail and it is getting data from the actual or primary google calendar. It knows the other calendars exist and when one is in google calendar or incidentilly in Thunderbird then one sees the data from these other calendars

So if I click the blue square I get all the entries for megant17171 but as you can see clicking the green square gets no entries.

If one looks at the google calendar end, the various calendars look like this

So EMclient gets all the names but not the data

Version 7.0 (and available beta version of 7.1) does not automatically update shared calendars. This must be done using the refresh button. The final version of 7.1 will fix this issue.

ah.  good o thanks.  i will see if i can down load the 7.1 beta

Just be aware that the publicly available 7.1 beta (7.1.29274) does NOT fix this issue.

OK.  Will wait for the release of 7.1.  Knowing the work around though means its no longer a frustration

I’m also experiencing this issue. I tried hitting the refresh button and it does NOT show one of my shared calendars. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it is my wife’s.  Any suggestions?