Google Calendar Tasks error

Since updating to version 8, I keep getting the following error message on startup:-

[Google Calendar] Uploading item(s) to folder ‘[email protected]/Tasks’ failed due to the following error: Invalid Value

Can anybody tell me where this Invalid Value is being generated and where I need to look to correct it?

Same here. I’ve logged a support ticket with and provided some logs. Raised about month ago now.

It’s quite annoying, I’ve literally get 100s of popup notifications of this error a day and there is nothing being synced with Google Calendar either.

Hi I solved this issue just now for myself by installing a previous version of Em Client, specifically release 8.0.3318.0. Don’t seem to be having this problem anymore. Hope this solves it for you!

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This hasn’t solved it for me unfortunately. I just get a different error message which says:-
[Google Calendar]The description of the task is too long

Have you tried clicking on the error though? It should open up which task is too long. I received that error too and am currently troubleshooting it myself, but Google Tasks seems to be synchronizing otherwise. IT might be worth checking if yours does as well.

Edit: Try to click “edit item” in the actual log and remove the task. I seem to only have one task that is too long and that seems to have removed the error for me.