Google Calendar square on title?

Newbie to eM Client after using Thunderbird so this is probably a dumb question.

I have added a my Google Calendar and some entries now have a coloured square at the end of the title bar that is the same colour as the category but I cannot work out what it’s meant to indicate as many other similar entries don’t have the square?

Also the Calendar has taken the name of the email address it is associated with, can it be renamed so I can shorten the sidebar?

The color square is a category indicator. Right-click on the event and choose Categorize to change it.

You can change the name of the calendar by going to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and on the General tab for the calendar account, change the Account Name.

Changing the name that way doesn’t work.

My Google calendar is listed in a tree structure as…

Account Name - Google E-mail Address

If I collapse the tree to just show Account Name then my calendar does not show, I had to have the Google E-mail address showing and this is long so either means I leave it half obscured or I widen the left window to accommodate it.

Get a shorter address?

You cannot change the individual folders within the calendar account, just it’s containing folder.

This issue is not unique to eM Client. I was looking at the same thing in GNOME Evolution today. 

An account has a calendar called Calendar, which is the base calendar for the account. The Google Calendar equivalent is named as the account address, so [email protected].

Neither eM Client nor Evolution allow you to change the base calendar name.

Dave, maybe you could ask Google if they could change that?