Google Calendar Requests & multiple google accounts

Hey there

So I have multiple gmail accounts (gmail for personal and google apps account for work) and I use chrome as my default browser. My personal gmail account is my default chrome account.

When I try to accept a calendar request on my work email emclient opens a tab in chrome and returns the the following error:

“Google Calendar invitations cannot be forwarded via email. This event belongs to [email protected] and you are logged in as [email protected]. Please ask the meeting organiser to add you to the event from Google Calendar.”

Is there a solution to this? It’s one of several reasons I’m not buying this software atm.

Hi Alistair, it seems like you’re trying to accept an invitation that has not been sent to your email but rather another account, unfortunately it is not possible to accept such invitations, you’d have to be the organizer or the invitee to see this event in your calendar.

Thank you for understanding,

Hey Paul, perhaps you should be less condescending when you don’t fully read a post and presume facts.

The invitation was sent to my work account (i have both personal and work accounts setup in emclient), but my browser by default is always logged into my personal account. Why can’t emclient deal with the invitation internally. Why does it have to open a browser window to accept the invite? Or can it at least open a chrome browser using the correct chrome user account.

Hi again Alistair, I’m sorry my message sounds condescending, I had no intention to be condescending.
While using Google Apps or Gmail account in eM Client, you should receive google calendar invitations into your calendar directly as the calendar is an advanced calendar service.

All invitations to this calendar should be shown under invitations in your sidebar. Have you received this invitation by email? Could you forward such invitation to my email, [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

Hey Paul,

I get notified by email when I click the link in the email that when it opens chrome and I. The invites don’t show up in the sidebar, but they do show up in the calendar.

So the process if I get an email is:
-Read email
-Go to calendar
-Find appointment
-Double click appointment
-Change attendance status

This is way too many steps, I just want to click Yes or No on the email.