Google Calendar Refresh Problem

emClient syncs with with a Google account. email and contacts sync okay. Calendar events do not.

If a new event is added to emClient it will, following the next scheduled sync, show in the Google calendar. If an event is added using Google Calendar on my phone or directly via the Google web-app the event does not show in emClient until the “Refresh” button is pressed.

Why are events added (or modified) using Google Calendar app ort Google Web app not updated in emClient with each refresh. I believe calendar sync was working correctly in previous versions of emClient however its not working correctly in 7.0.27920.0

Try updating as you are not running the latest version 7.0.279943.0 see if that makes any difference.

Same problem for me. I’m on the last version 7.0.27943.0 

I checked for an updated version prior to posting. Doing so indicated latest version was installed. I checked again today. A new update was installed. Problem remains.

This, as emc tells me, is the intended behavior. Go figure. Always have to “Refresh” to sync calendar.

Same problem for me, running 7.0.27943.0. The calendar events sometimes sync, sometimes do not (no reasonable pattern). The Refresh button makes no improvement. Deleting the account and setting up the new (same) one does not help. The events do not sync in both directions. Add new event, update, delete - the same situation. The calendar sync is unusable (unreliable) at all.

Hello everybody,

If you’re interested, please contact us at [email protected] with a link to this thread and we will send you an e-mail with more instructions. Please also include the number of the version that you use and specification of the calendar that has this issue - is it a default calendar, subcalendar, shared calendar?