Google Calendar Overlay - can you see all calendars in one view?

I am trialing this app before deciding to go pro. It’s great that this has such integration with gmail, but most people have more than one gmail calendar - some like me have many - work, vacation, personal, medical etc etc…is there a way that all calendars can be overlaid so you are not hopping from one calendar to another to see what time is available? Not haveing it overlaid would be a deal breaker and really make the calendar feature useless for my needs.

Yes, you can do this. In the calendar view, on the list of accounts on the left, just check the ones you want to see, and they are overlaid in the calendar view.

And how to fixate this? Everytime I choose another calendar, I have to tick all Google calendars again when switching back.

Hi, it’s not possible to fixate this, however unless you restart the application or switch to another (single) calendar for example, the view should be kept.
You can also use Shift to tick all your calendars at once, just tick the first one, hold shift and tick the last one you want to see, and all your calendars inbetween these two will be selected.

Thank you,

Thank you for your answer, but this is hard to believe. In my opinion it should be possible to add an OnClick handler for the calendar root elements in the tree view which automatically selects all child nodes or add a setting which selects all active calendars by default.
Or save the checked state of all calendars, with forcing the user to tick ot untick it intentionally and giving some context menus for “show all/show only this/show all but this/etc.”
Just a suggestion, as this is an issue I am really struggling with, as I am used to the calendar page from Google itself (

Hi Ralf, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll make sure to consider this option in future releases of eM Client.