Google Calendar only syncing in one direction?

probably a new user error :) 
in the last few days I am new to Android phone and new to em Client (demo, V 7130794)

I have 2 emails in eMClient, syncing fine.
One of the emails is a GMail a/c. The other is a ISP account.

if I enter a Calendar event in eMClient then it syncs to my phone fine.
if I enter an event on the phone it doesn’t appear in the eMClient.

I have 2 Gmail a/cs on the phone.
1st is primary GMail a/c
the 2nd one set up is set to only sync Calendar, not email etc (don’t want the phone cluttered with emails that can wait). It is this one that is only syncing in one direction.

it may well be a Phone setting? but can’t see anything.
odd that it is one direction only? but looking thru older posts I see this has happened a bit, but  the opposite direction to my issue.


Hello Taco,

This seems as a Phone app issue because as soon as the event is on server, it would sync with eM Client (you can try with creating an event directly in Google Calendar web app). It might be linked to the sync period of your phone - the event would be appear after some time or after reopening the app. Please check the account settings in your phone app to resolve it.


thanks Russel
it might be a phone app issue.
maybe events entered into the Android Calendar app are owned by the 1st GMail a/c (they appear in the web app for that a/c) even tho it displays events sent from eMClient 2nd GMail a/c (they also appear in that a/c’s web app).
pretty sure it isn’t a timing issue - after 3 days :slight_smile:

odd that it only syncs in one direction tho

If I added the 2nd Gmail a/c to eMClient it would probably solve it, but that takes me past the demo threshold of 2 a/cs  :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, both calendars on your phone are syncing to the same Goggle Calendar, which you can verify on the web interface.

But the second account events are not displaying in eM Client. Correct?

No, each Gmail a/c has its own calendar.

OK. But the second GMail account is not setup on eM Client so therefore you would not see the events.

The second Gmail account is on eMClient
And events recorded there appear on the phone.
But events recorded on the phone dont appear in eMClient

In eM Client, go to the calendar tab and make sure the ticks are selected next to all the calendars and see if that makes a difference.

Check the tick boxes as in this screen shot below. Clicking on the name will only show that calendar. Make sure you click on the actual tick box.

All are ticked
And have been all the time

The events created on the phone for each calendar can be seen on the web interface for that Google Calendar?


My suspicion is the event is owned by the 1st Gmail account I created on the phone so eMClient cant see it

That is my conclusion also.

Create an event on the phone making sure it goes to the second calendar and see what happens.

Think I have found the issue
As I suspected.
I can drill into the event and see the Gmail account it belongs to.
Even tho all events appear in the same phone calendar they can have different ‘owners’
I will have to see if I can change the default owner.

Thanks for your input

Actually the demo license allows more than 2 accounts, for the first 30 days. Thereafter you need a free license to continue, which only allows 2 accounts.

I have managed to change the owner for new events
Works now.

You could also share calendar one with calendar two. Then any new events you posted to calendar one, or events you have already created would also show up in eM Client in calendar two.

You can find out how to set this up at:

Knowing me I would end up duplicates of holidays, birthdays etc