Google Calendar Event Colours (Colors)

Could you please make it so that Google Calendar Events copy their individual colours as set in Google?
Not having the colours match what is set in Google is annoying and confusing.
I’ve tried a few apps on Android and they all do this by default.

I’ve just come across to eM from Thunderbird in order to use the Google Calendar integration, but this implementation is not useable for calendars with many tasks a colours already set with a purpose.

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No Colours? Nooooo.   eM Client was so close to the perfect application for me in my small business with 18 google calendars to manage where colours are used as the primary way to identify categories of events. I was looking for a way to integrate my 10 email addresses which include iCloud and Gmail, Google calendars and some independent iCAL files and not have the cumbersome design of Outlook 365. All my iPad apps (and I have tried 6 of the best over the years) implement the google colours so I don’t understand why eM client doesn’t either. Oh well I won’t be using eM, or I’m afraid recommending it to fellow workers. So close, but missed with one small detail.

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Thank you very much for eM Client, this software is of a certain elegance: it is really very good on all levels!
On the other hand, please, can someone advise the programmers that a very small detail is missing: the colors of Google calendar don’t appear in eM Client calendar.


I think the problem is that eM Client displays the event in the color of the calendar (which is copied from Google) and does not have individual colors for events.

The exception is tags, in which case you can configure eM Client to display the event in the color of the tag.

Thank you for your answer, but nothing helps: no matter how much I try the 3 options you have indicated to me, the problem is always the same.


  • on the left Google calendar, the entry appears in red
  • on the right eM Client agenda, the same entry appears in blue

I have already said that eM Client does not show individual colors for events:

Maybe you did not understand.

However, the calendar does inherit its color from Google.

So, if the calendar color in Google is blue or brown, in eM Client it will be the same.

In Google Calendar:

It is the same in eM Client:


In eM Client, if the calendar color is blue, all events in that calendar will be blue. You cannot assign different colors for each event. That is not possible in eM Client.

You can do that in Google, but you cannot do it in eM Client.

If you want to change the calendar color in eM Client you can do that by right-click on the calendar.

Yes, thank you for this solution, now I hesitate to put it into practice …
Remember: if you know the programmers of eM Client, please ask them if they can implement the colors of Google calendar …

I changed this thread to a Feature Request. Hopefully someone will notice and add it to the list of things to be considered for future versions. :wink:

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It is very pleasant.