Google Calendar crashes Em Client

I run a computer repair business. Many of my customers users Em Client successfully, but I am so far unable to solve this one:

Customer had a laptop replaced under warranty, so I took an image backup of the SSD, and restored to the replacement machine. The customer updated to the latest version of Em Client (currently 8.1.876.0) and the problem has only happened since then.

Customer has one Exchange account for Mail only, and a Google account for Contacts and Calendar only. I have uninstalled then re-installed Em Client, deleted the database folder, and tried only the Google account, and then adding the Exchange account back afterwards.

The crashing is intermittent, but usually happens when switching to calendar view and scrolling up or down through the events.

Here is the error message:

Maybe a memory error, caused by the image rather than a regular install of the OS?

This did occur to me, but that’s why I re-installed EMC. I do imaging all the time and EMC has never thrown a fit like this!

But not the OS.

One solution may be to revert to the previous version of eM Client and see what happens, or if the user has a Pro License, they could open a support ticket with eM Client.

True, but reinstalling the OS requires time I don’t want to spend, and that the customer doesn’t want to spend unnecessarily. I don’t like guessing. I can try a version downgrade.

Does my attached error give any clues? I was hoping for an interpretation of that if possible.

Probably something you need to ask eM Client, rather than fellow users here on the forum.

It seems that official support is not offered to Free users. I can understand the business model in that, but it means that I or my customer would need to pay Em Client to tell them about their potential problem?

Yes, this condition was accepted by the user when they installed the application.