Google calendar authentication no longer working.

Google calendar authentication no longer working. Used to work without issue. Pro user ver 6.0.24985.0  

Maybe upgrade to the latest version available in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

Otherwise, as a Pro License user, open a support ticket with eM Client.

I cannot open a support ticket. My password doesn’t seem to work for support and I never get an e-mail for resetting the password after multiple attempts. I’ve e-mailed sales, support and some old emclient contacts from pass years. No response from any of them. Very frustrating!

Well, Support is now closed till Monday, so no rush.

You did register an account on the Support page, correct? Either way, register a new account now, but you need to make sure you are using the same email address that you used when you purchased the Pro License. If you use any other address, for the Support ticket or to contact eM Client, you most likely will not get a response as there is no way for them to verify that you have a Pro License.

Also, the version you are using is about 4 years old. Many changes have since been made to the way eM Client connects with Google, so upgrading to the latest version would probably solve your problem without the need to contact eM Client.

Yes, in fact if I try the proper email the system tells me that it’s already in use and to use the lost password feature which effectively achieves nothing. Just going round in circles.

Did you login to your email provider using their web interface and check the spam folder? The reset message may be there.

Yes it is older now but I’m not looking to layout additional funds unless I know the problem will be fixed. That would just add insult to injury.

I did I also had my hosting company check on their end, Nothing.

So that is your choice, but there are no issues authenticating Google Calendar accounts in recent versions.

Understood, however I did pay for a 3 seat license so I should at least get a response to my e-mails even if it is to say that we need to upgrade. At least then I’d know what to expect. I don’t mind paying for something that is supported, but right now I seem to be left out to dry.  

I sent a message to Russel at eM Client to look at this thread. Hopefully he will contact you.

Thank you very much! I don’t think it’s intentional, something is keeping me from being able to make contact so I’m caught in some sort of loop.

Hello Ron,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issued with contacting our Support team.
Please send me an email to and I’ll try resetting your password to the Support system.


Ok I’ve sent an e-mail to you.

Russel, just checking to see if you received my e-mail?

Hi Russel, I still haven’t seen a reply to the e-mail I sent on 2/24. Please confirm it’s a least been received. Alternatively you can send me a reply at my first name at synaptic3 dot com. 

Gary if you could be so kind as to reach out to Russel it would be appreciated. I’ve responded to his post and sent email to him as instructed but still no reply after a week. 

Hi Ron,

I’m sorry but I haven’t received your email.
Could you please resend it?

Thank you!

Russel I forwarded my e-mail sent on 2/24 to and just received the following error.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: all hosts for ‘’ have been failing for a long time (and retry time not reached)>

Not sure what the issue is but this is the first time I’ve received an error message like this However, this would explain why I’ve not been receiving any replies to my previous emails to emclient. It doesn’t help me figure out how to contact you successfully to solve my issue though. Also we don’t appear to be having any communication issues with anyone else during this period of time.  

Hi Ron,

Recheck your version of the address of Markosky

I’m surprised you didn’t get an error before you even sent it.