Google Apps working, but keeps asking for password

Google Apps account is working, but keeps asking for my password over and over. This is kind of annoying. I’m using the two factor authentication and generated an application password for using my account in eM Client.

Send me your IMAP logs please. Enable logging in Tools - Settings -Advanced, wait until the error message appears and send the log to me at Thanks

Hey Geroge,

I have the same problem. I can’t see any errors in the config. This happens with Gmail, and within a mail from an own server aswell.

Thought still everything works fine, it’s annyoing to need to close 2 popus each and every time :smiley:

Any idea?


post here a screenshot of the error window and also please send us the Logs from the Operations window. Thank you.


Thanks for your fast response. The problem isn’t an error per sé, it’s just that the popup with the “passwort confirm” just doesn’t disappear after clicking, it directly comes back until one clicks abort/exit.

Is there any other place where I could see logs which might help you?


Have you entered the special password to the popup window? It seems to me like you have not finished the two step verification.

What do you exactly mean with two step verification? I am only prompted for my Google Apps password en conformation.