Google Apps and SSO


On our company we use Google Apps for Business with SSO option.

Is eM Client compatible with SSO?

When I try to add the account, it show my SSO login page and then nothing.

I’m using 6.0.22344.0


Hello Jorge, eM client does not support authentication using SSO, you have to authenticate using OAuth, by adding a Google account in eM Client allows you to sign in using the client through a browser window, eM Client then requests permission to access your items and is further on authenticated using authentication tokens with the server.


Hello Paul,

After the login on the windows, nothing happends.


Hello Jorge, I’m afraid this might be due to your server running an older version of Google Apps, or is hosted on Google’s servers, this forces the application to run OAuth on your mail server, even though this authentication method is not enabled. You should be able to setup your account manually in Tools > Accounts > New account, but instead of using the automatic setup, please switch to the Mail tab below and select other, use your mail server recommended settings and try to setup the account using the server addresses and your credentials.

Hope this helps,

Hello Paul,

Yes, I’ve created a password for the app and manually create the account, but I have to create manually the mail, chat, calendar accounts. Contacts is failing because it ask for a URL, do you know the URL for the Contacts setup?

Is there a way to use the automatic setup and specify a manual password?


Hello Jorge, check with your service provider for the correct server settings, unfortunately the OAuth authentication is used to authenticate with Google’s servers, if your mail and calendar services were hosted on Google’s servers and this feature is not available, it may be due to outdated version of the server on your mail service provider - or the server may be changed in the upcoming months.
If you’re using a CalDAV service on your server, make sure to setup an additional CalDAV account in order to synchronise your calendars or CardDAV account for Contact synchronisation.

It is not possible to use automatic setup with a forced password, the Oauth authentication is forced when Google server’s are detected, that can’t be workaround unfortunately.


Hi Paul,

I’ve tried the same account with Mozilla Thunderbird and works fine, using OAuth.

Hello again Jorge, can you please download this utility, and use this application while trying to setup an account with eM Client using OAuth? After you install the utility, please navigate to Tools > Fiddler Options > HTTPs, and enable HTTPs decryption.

Save the settings and enable traffic capture in eM Client, replicate the issue, and navigate to File > Save > All Sessions in fiddler and submit the logging archive to my work mail, with a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,