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So, I turned on Google’s new Advanced Protection and EMClient went kaput. This is what I get now. I am going to turn off Advanced Protection - but I am curious. Is EMClient going to support this new magically convoluted and complicated yet eventually will be embraced by the masses security feature? Any scheduled updates?

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400.  That’s an error.

Error: policy_enforced

A native application:  eM Client

You can email the developer of this application at:

Google cannot give this app access to your account data because Advanced Protection is turned on for your Google Account.

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That’s all we know.

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I would be very interested in this as well. I’m an eM Client user and currently considering to activate Google Advanced Protection, but having to loose eM Client would be a big loss.

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I’m also very interested. I’ll end up standing on an outlook wanting to jump off if I can’t have my beloved EMclient. Google’s Advanced Protection is awesome for mixed issued/BYOD environments and a must in my company and I finally got forced to enroll my account too. :rofl: Also, missing the pop-out calendar function is killing me.

Is there any hope of any dev work on this challenge? Please?

As far as i’m aware even in the latest EMC 8.1x official release version, doesn’t yet support Googles Advanced Protection. EMC though does support Googles 2 Step authentication and does work fine with that.

Looking around the Internet, Not many email clients as yet do support that optional Google Advanced Protection. Maybe next year EMC might have an update for that extra option. Time will tell.

For me personally i use a Google multi-combination password with letters, special characters and numbers as well as 2 Step verification which is good enough for me at the present time.

However I can imagine though peeps like journalists, activists, or public speaking people etc would want the extra advanced protection for various reasons.

This is my experience as well. I submitted a help ticket to support as a licensed user. I will add to this reply if I get a usable answer.

However, so far the only desktop client that works with Gmail is Mozilla Thunderbird. That process did not go well. After accepting one account, Thunderbird refused to recognize my hardware token for two others that been accepted by Google for multiple Gmail accounts.

Otherwise, for web based access to Gmail via the Chrome browser, I still have access to all my email accounts and data, I just can’t use emClient them any more.

Can you please remove the Gmail account, then add it back again.

This will setup the account using oAuth, which it may not have been before.

It only worked for one gmail account, when I tried to add a second gmail account, the process failed and Google blocked it. Then the entire application froze and had to be stopped via the task manager. oAth only worked for the first account.

Have you disabled Googles advanced protection in your Google account for your second Gmail account?. If you haven’t, disable it first before trying to add the accounts again via the automatic wizard in eM Client.

If you have already disabled Googles advanced protection for your second Gmail account, then sounds like something went wrong in your eg: Browser possibly allowing your second Gmail account in Google when setting up in eM Client wizard, in which case i would suggest to clear your temp cache in your default browser and reboot your computer and try again.

If eM Client still crashes setting up your second Gmail account, update this thread as to what version of eM Client you have and ver number, and also when you go through the automatic wizard in eM Client, how far do you get up to. eg: Do you get up to the part where you click on “Allow” in your browser to allow eM Client access to your Google account ?. Screenshot where you exactly get up to.