Google Account Photo

I have a few different google accounts I am using in EmClient and they all have account photos or avatars associated with them. One of the accounts has downloaded this photo and displays it when I send messages, but the other does not. Is there a way to get it to download? 


It may be a corruption of the avatar data. Close eM Client and delete C:\Users_yourusername_\AppData\Local\eM Client\Avatar.Cache…

Restart eM Client and make sure that you have selected to download avatars from external sources.

One thing to note is that theses avatars are only for local display purposes. They are not included with the sent message.

thanks. it doesn’t seem to be working… I have two images I’ll attach… 

The first is a clip of two avatars from the same server… my original email seems to replace the avatar with some strange logo from the google apps managed server (90% of the email addresses in this server seem to come through with that logo)… but the responder (part of the same google apps server) has their google avatar come through… 

On a different account I have in EM client, it seems to work the way it is supposed to… there are three emails in a chain and two of us have avatars that match what we uploaded to Google and the one that didn’t have an image is represented by their initials in a colored circle. (just to note, this is also a google apps managed email server and all three of the email addresses are on the server)


Yes, the second is working as it should. In previous versions if the sender did not have a registered avatar, a domain avatar was used. But that has now been corrected, so if the user does not have an avatar, the monogram (initials) is used.

In the first instance, are the email addresses with different avatars exactly the same?

So then it looks like that first account seems to be operating on the old version…

Can you clarify your question?

Maybe I misunderstand your problem. What are these two avatars, and what is wrong with them? They appear to be two different messages from different senders, so they should have different avatars.

I think it is a problem with the server account… because it looks like when you turn on download avatars in emClient 90% of the email addresses from the server default to this logo regardless of email avatar.