Goodbye, eM Client. Time to uninstall

I’m uninstalling eM Client. The program is very good as a free client, but not good enough to pay for.  My problem (previously posted) proved to be unsolvable.  I see that’s true for some others people’s problems also.  Since the free version won’t work with more than two accounts after the free trial period expires, I’ll look elsewhere.  I have no criticism about the policy limiting the functionality of the free version - it’s fair and reasonable.  But if eM is going to limit the functionality, the only value of the free version is to evaluate the program.  My evaluation is complete.  Goodbye and best wishes.

Oh… I just can’t help myself! :slight_smile: David, since you are uninstalling, and no longer a user or eM Client, it’s interesting to me why you posted to the user support forum. Having said that, what really mystifies me is that I had to go back and look at what post you had that was “unsolvable”. I found two other posts you made, both of which were answered with definitive solutions by Paul, and to which you had no reply. So if I were him, I’d assume you were satisfied and issue resolved.

No ill will intended here at all. Just read my post with a big smile! I’d assumed you were happy and would have purchased the Pro version and had “infinite” account capability and life is good. In any event, best of luck with the alternatives out there. And, I also just *have* to say this, you look exactly like Richard Attenborough in your profile picture! So my best guess, it’s very difficult to manage email when you’re running Jurassic Park! :slight_smile: Best of luck to you and aloha!


I’m sorry I posted to the wrong place.  I didn’t know where else to put it.  

I didn’t remember the three questions. I only remembered one, about the constant error messages concerning inability to sync with calendars.  I didn’t mean for anyone to have to do research in order to understand my whining.  I only meant to express disappointment.  If I were 10% smarter, I would have bought the full version and been satisfied.

I will continue my quest.

Best wishes.


You’re all good. Thanks for the explanation.

Have a great day!